Allegorithmic Launches Substance Source

New Material Library Now Accessible with Substance Live at No Extra Charge

November 2, 2016

Today, Allegorithmic releases Substance Source, a new online material library that offers 3D artists a massive amount of high-quality physically based materials. Instead of starting from scratch, artists can build off premade content, using or customizing materials to meet any creative vision.


Substance Source launches with customizable materials ranging from hand-painted to procedural to scanned. Hybrid materials are also available. New assets will be added continuously over time, and thanks to an implementation of Sketchfab’s 3D visualization technology, users can look over assets from any angle.


As artists and teams become more reliant on a content mix, employing a range of assets from fully procedural to fully scanned, the need for curated libraries continues to grow. Substance Source offers materials that will work with every major 3D package, helping teams elevate or finalize projects with less effort and more flexibility.

“Beyond having the best tools, artists also need inspiration, whether this consists of samples, references, or elements that can be customized and remixed,” said Dr. Sébastien Deguy, founder and CEO of Allegorithmic. “Substance Source is a new but fundamental component in the Substance ecosystem, which means that artists have everything they need in one place and are freer to concentrate on what truly matters.”


As part of the launch, Allegorithmic has commissioned seven artists to produce specialty assets created with Substance Source content, ranging from toy trains and Chinese dragons to intricately designed watches. With more asset types and an ever-expanding library, Substance Source can be a resource to a wider variety of artists and designers, who use the same textures and materials in different ways.

To access Substance Source, users can go to the Substance Source section of the Allegorithmic website. In time, users will be able to access Substance Source from within Substance suite tools and download content directly to their shelves.

Substance Software Updates

The recent release of Substance Painter 2.4 has brought custom shelves to 3D artists, a long awaited request. Personalized panels can now be created at will, giving artists more flexibility with their workspace. Shelf search has also been improved; adding tools for tags and presets to help increase efficiency on 3D projects.


Substance Source is now available to Substance Live users at no extra charge. Substance Live pricing for Indie, Pro, and Studio users can be found on the website.