Allegorithmic Launches Substance Designer 6

The Digital Material Authoring Package Expands Into a Comprehensive Texture, Scans and MDL Processing Tool for Game Development, Animation/VFX and Design Visualization

February 14, 2017

Allegorithmic, the creator of the influential Substance suite, today announces the release of Substance Designer 6, the latest iteration of its industry-leading software. The release includes new features for extending material authoring capabilities, creating HDR textures and several other additions that will delight fans and new users alike.


“With Substance Designer our goal has always been to provide users with a solid, comprehensive package dedicated to the creation of digital materials,” said Dr. Sébastien Deguy, founder and CEO of Allegorithmic. “Substance Designer 6 is the most complete, refined and versatile version of the tool we have ever produced. With this iteration, designers can find everything they need to prepare, author and tweak their digital materials, whether they are tailored for game developers, architects, designers or VFX artists.”

Substance Designer 6 is designed for users in multiple industries, with functionality that transcends a specific field, from gaming to VFX to architecture and more. New additions include:


  • Text Node: This dynamic node can expose 3ds Max parameters on .sbsar files, helping artists apply embossing, stamping, and glow effects just like they would in Photoshop.
  • Curve Node: A new node allows for the creation of complex curves, perfect when designing intricate structures like moldings, spirals and circular windows.
  • New Scan Processing Tools: New filters like crop, smart clone and auto-tile ensure A-to-Z material creation from 3D scans.
  • 16 f and 32 f Engine: Allows for the creation of HDR textures by extending the range of color and light values with a floating value.
  • 8K Bakers: Users can now bake up to 32K using non-square ratios or stop assets mid-bake, providing greater flexibility with designs.


A tutorial introduction to Substance Designer 6 can be found here.


Substance Designer 6 is available today for Linux, Mac OS and Windows.


Users of Substance Live Indie ($19.90/month) and Substance Live Pro ($99.90/month), who have access to all the latest versions of Substance tools and monthly content downloads, have immediate access to Substance Designer 6.


Current Substance Designer 5 license holders can upgrade for $75. For new users, Indie licenses are priced at $149, while Pro licenses are available for $590. Licenses can be purchased directly through the Allegorithmic website or an authorized retailer.