Allegorithmic Introduces the ‘Signature Series’ Offering Original Materials

The First Signature Series Release Includes 15 Customizable Materials from Daniel Thiger, Lead Environment Artist for Bungie; Future Releases Planned Throughout 2018

January 18, 2018

Today, Allegorithmic introduces its new “Signature Series,” a program designed to give professional artists and Substance users carte blanche in creating a selection of materials, which can then be downloaded and customized by Substance Source users. Additional Signature releases from renowned artists are planned throughout 2018, and will include materials created by experts in several fields.


The inaugural Signature Series release comes from game designer Daniel Thiger, lead environment artist for Bungie. Thiger, whose work includes Destiny and Destiny 2, elected to create 15 materials related to three specific settings: jungle, desert and Iceland. These materials are fully procedural and can be tweaked as needed by the end user. They are available now at no additional cost to Substance Source subscribers, and to illustrate the quality of the materials, Allegorithmic will release the “Iceland Cliff” material for free.

“For these materials, I wanted to challenge myself and create something that was fully procedural, but offered the same level of complexity and quality as scanned materials,” said Thiger. “I enjoy matching my Substance textures as closely as I possibly can to real-world examples, and I really wanted these materials to feel dynamic and tweakable as well.”


The Signature Series comes from Allegorithmic’s ambition to involve the community in the content creation process. The artists selected for this series are experienced and proven professionals from several disciplines, but they are also Substance users who can help teach other users. Materials released as part of the Signature Series will be available to download as customizable .sbs files. Substance Designer users will be able to take the materials and use them as is, or tweak them to create something completely unique after studying the nodes to see how the materials were originally created.

New Signature releases created by professional artists in multiple industries will be announced in the near future.



Access to Substance Source is available through a monthly subscription. Subscribers receive 30 Substance Source material downloads per month, together with Substance Designer, Substance Painter, and Substance B2M for $19.90 (Indie) or $99.90 (Pro). Pros can also buy the entire Substance Source library, along with one year of updates, for $4990.