Allegorithmic Introduces New Materials to Help Visualize 3D Printed Objects

Designers Can Now Mimic the Unique Characteristics of Ten Additive Manufacturing Technologies with Full Photorealism

December 7, 2017

Today, Allegorithmic introduces the 3D Print collection for Substance Source. Armed with 50 new assets, designers will be able to pre-visualize their products, using digital materials that replicate the layers, marks and surface textures of objects that have gone through the 3D printing process.


“Product previews for 3D printing have been almost nonexistent until now,” said Nicolas Paulhac, Product Manager of Substance Source and CMF Designer at Allegorithmic. “With this new collection, we wanted to offer designers the ability to experiment with a new sense of tactility through photorealistic renderings, so they can almost feel the object in their hands before they print it.”

Mimicking the look of the 3D printing process required Allegorithmic to conduct months of research, incorporating the insights of design industry professionals and an in-house team of 3D artists. During that time, Allegorithmic cataloged the surface attributes most commonly found in 3D printed materials. Everything from the characteristic layer-by-layer texture to process-driven imperfections that provide visual realism has been represented, producing 40 materials and 10 printed meshes that can be dropped into any 3D scene for a quick visualization.


Each material comes with a specific set of parameters that let users vary their visual attributes. Variations are non-destructive, and range from color and roughness to slice shape and regularity. Printer head variations are also included. Designers and 3D artists from all disciplines, including industrial design, architecture, games and VFX, will find much to explore in the 3D Print collection. As 3D printing expands into new industries, each user type will have a photorealistic way to incorporate real world material characteristics and advanced sci-fi patterns into their designs and projects.

With the launch of the 3D Print collection, Substance Source now offers nearly 1,300 PBR tweakable materials to 3D artists and designers. Since its creation in 2016, the ever-growing library has acted as a professional jumpstart for users in the design, architecture, game and visual effects industries, providing ready-made materials, many of which have been tailored to specific industry use cases. The 3D Print materials are available now for Substance subscribers.


To see the full collection, please visit: Substance Source. For more information, please visit: Allegorithmic’s blog.



Substance Source is included in the Substance subscription. Monthly pricing for Substance includes 30 downloads per month, plus access to the latest releases of all Substance software, for $19.90 (Indie plan) or $99.90 (Pro plan). Companies who would like access to the entire Substance Source library with unlimited downloads can contact Allegorithmic for pricing. To see all pricing options, please visit Allegorithmic’s pricing page.