Claria: Using VR and Unreal Engine to Determine Biological Reactions

By Theodore Nikitin

From 80 Level

September 20, 2021

Members of Theia Interactive Team Max Sims and Sean Mitchell talked about their biometric tool called Claria and explained how it leverages VR and Unreal Engine to get the honest truth of a subject’s biological reactions.



Max Sims, Senior Product Manager: I’m the Senior Product Manager at Theia Interactive for Claria, a VR bioanalytics insight tool. I came to this position with a background in design, beginning from the moment I discovered that CG was a viable career while in school at the University of Illinois. I continued developing my interests at Art Center College of Design and California College of the Arts. I went on to both practice design and teach others before coming to Theia Interactive.


Sean Mitchell, CTO: I’m the CTO at Theia Interactive, where I am presently leading several research and development initiatives throughout the company. I’m an entrepreneur with a wide range of experience, from large-scale technology-assisted interactive art installations to blockchain to SaaS development to simple e-commerce sites. I co-founded Verdiseno, Inc., which is the company behind and Additionally, I co-founded a successful makerspace in California with two locations. Here at Theia, I am responsible for the technical direction and various technologies deployed in the Claria stack.


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