Produce Volumetric Videos

From 3D World

November 1, 2021

Volumetric video captures reality as it is, but instead of having a fixed point of view, you can examine a performance from any angle.


For users looking to record or create a performance in three dimensions, volumetric video offers realistic capture with 6DoF if you have the right tools. You can record nuanced performances without needing to rely on artistic interpretation, or worrying about bumping up against the uncanny valley. With the right capture system, you can even record the world with all the fidelity of film, and still take full advantage of both classic and cutting edge 3D tools.


This tutorial introduces the basics of working with volumetric video, and highlights how Arcturus’ HoloSuite can make that process much easier, starting with editing the performance of a volumetric capture with automatically generated skeletons.


Order issue (November 2021).