New horizons: the story of Arcturus

From: 3D World

January 3, 2023

Client: Arcturus

Outlet: 3D World


Imagine you’re decades into a storied career at a company like Pixar, DreamWorks, or Netflix. Would you trade it all in and build a studio that focuses on intriguing, but unproven, new technology? What could possibly be exciting enough to warrant such a bold leap into the unknown?


Since 2016, Arcturus has been building tools for volumetric video, a technology that captures a 3D space or performance in a process called volumetric capture, which can then be viewed on a 2D screen, headsets, goggles, or 3D displays. Volumetric video offers a level of interactivity not possible with traditional video. For example, online shoppers can see holographic representations of items, sports fans can see instant replays from any angle, concert-goers can be part of the action without leaving home, and much more. It’s the next generation of content for creatives and consumers alike.


We sat down with Arcturus’ chief product officer Ewan Johnson and chief executive officer Kamal Mistry, who talk us through the studio’s journey of discovery, the power and potential of volumetric video, and the exciting times ahead.


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