Busine$$ Models

From 3D World, #254

December 1, 2019

For almost two decades TurboSquid has sold stock 3D models to be used across a host of different industries and mediums, including everything from filmmaking to video games and architecture. With stock models becoming an increasingly prevalent part of the industry, 3D World has assembled the ultimate guide to successfully selling your models online on TurboSquid.


What sets TurboSquid apart from other online 3D model marketplace?


“Since I joined in 2011 they have introduced the CheckMate program, StemCell, PixelSquid, and their Complete Confidence guarantee. There is a sense of profssionalism with TurboSquid and they have the best support. I get to spend more time modelling and not having to deal with customer support. They handle it all.” Wes Abrams


Order Issue (December 2019).


Image/model credit: Ashkan Ghaffari, Henry Lazaga