A decade of innovation

From 3D World

July 19, 2022

3D World celebrates ten years of Ncam’s forward-thinking, real-time VFX solutions with CEO Nic Hatch


If you’re even vaguely interested in VFX, chances are you’ve heard of real-time technology and how it’s revolutionising the way that visual content like film, television and live events are created. Originally established in 2012 out of a need to create a complete virtual production setup for live previs shots, few companies have proved as pioneering in real-time VFX as Ncam.


With patented technology and multiple awards to its name, the company’s 10th anniversary seems like the perfect time to look back and celebrate a decade of innovation, while casting a hopeful eye to the future of this ever-changing industry. To do just that, 3D World caught up with Nic Hatch, CEO of Ncam, to discuss the journey so far, the evolution of real-time technology and their proudest achievements. Let’s get started by winding the clock back to 2012.


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