10 Tips for Modo 17.0

Client: Foundry

Outlet: 3D World

May 7, 2024

Whether you’re modeling a AAA video game asset or developing the next viral trainer design, Modo has long been one of the most powerful 3D content creation tools available, enabling numerous ways to work with speed and efficiency. Since merging with the original creators Luxology in 2012, Foundry has continued to refine its software.


The latest version, Modo 17.0, arrives onto the scene with overhauled architecture and tool performance enhancements. For the first time, Modo is bundled together with its Prime version of OTOY’s OctaneRender, and macOS users get a long-awaited Apple Silicon edition.


This represents a milestone release for Modo, establishing an exciting new foundation that speeds up the entire creative process, from modelling the right way through to final render, and reduces he performance barriers to any 3D artist, from novice to expert. Modo is a large application that boasts so many powerful capabilities. That’s why I’ve compiled a selection of 10 helpful tips to make sure you get the most of Modo 17.0, meaning you can spend less time finding what you need and more time creating 3D art.


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