NVIDIA Omniverse is Changing Filmmaking and Exxact is Helping It Happen

Client: disguise

Outlet: Animation World Network

October 30, 2023

As the world of animation and VFX production increasingly moves into the virtual space, more and more companies – from major studios to smaller independent shops – are finding a variety of distinctive ways to incorporate virtual production into their creative pipelines. While the specific hardware and software configurations can be as individual as the professionals who use them, many are opting to make NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise a key part of their systems. And Fremont, CA-based Exxact Corporation, a provider of high-performance computing solutions, has been helping their growing clientele embrace this innovative technology.


Based on a Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) framework, NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise is an end-to-end platform for building and operating 3D virtual worlds that allows artists, designers, and other team members to collaborate in real-time within a virtual space. As M&E workforces increasingly shift to remote production models, with design teams spread out across the world, more and more creators are looking at Omniverse to manage their pipelines and speed up production.


Some of the new and innovative ways Omniverse is being used in animation and VFX were highlighted at NVIDIA GTC, the conference for AI and the metaverse, held this past March, where a number of pioneering companies gave presentations.


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