Kilograph and Climate Cents Team Up To Rewrite L.A.’s Climate Action Narrative

From Archinect

By Katherine Guimapang

January 3, 2020

Discussions regarding climate change and the need to make progressive reforms in the built environment are everywhere these days.


Over the last year, calls from architects and the architecture community to strengthen their involvement in fighting the growing climate crisis have increased markedly. From international organizations like Architects Declare to efforts on the part of individual practices to create manifestos to ensure their own accountability towards this issue, it’s difficult to avoid talking about sustainability and climate action when discussing architecture.

Individually, however, the task of reinforcing action and follow-through can be tough, but collectively, entities and groups of firms can band together to create not only moments of change, but also movements that advocate for continuous action. To learn more about such collaborations, Archinect spoke with Keely Colcleugh, CEO of Kilograph and Sean Cushing board member of Climate Cents. Together, they unpack the influence an architectural visualization firm and a non-profit can have when they band together to create a hopeful narrative for change and action with regards to fighting the effects of climate change in Los Angeles.


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