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V-Ray Next

Architecture / Automotive / brand strategy / Product Launch / vfx

The release of V-Ray Next was a major event for Chaos Group. It wasn’t just an update or a new way of doing old things – it was a technological breakthrough featuring new smart technology that set it apart. Our challenge was to show how the world’s most popular renderer just got even better…and then keep the momentum going. We did so in spades, with 35+ unique articles appearing both in print and online, and a social reach of nearly 338K.

Briefings, early announcements, and a press release that limited the news to three main takeaways were the lynchpins of a strategy built to maximize coverage across industries. Since V-Ray Next isn’t limited to a single set of users, each pitch needed to be customized to reflect the tool’s specific uses for that industry – which meant expanding on the talking points without losing sight of the key messages. The strategy worked. The embargoed releases led to an increase in first-day postings and the briefings helped press buy into the idea of smart tech. This groundwork also helped us prepare for future iterations of V-Ray Next, which we’ve used to generate a steady stream of stories throughout the year.

“We’ve been working closely with Liaison for six years, and they’ve become an integral part of our team. Liaison has helped us emerge as an industry leader as our press coverage has grown exponentially. I’d recommend them to any firm looking to take their PR to the next level.”

− Lon Grohs, Global Head of Creative at Chaos Group