Visual Vocal


Architecture / brand strategy / Construction / Messaging / Press Release / Product Launch / Startups / VR/AR

A startup needs many things and maximum exposure is one of them. A reasonable budget is another. So it was no surprise when Seattle startup Visual Vocal approached us looking to gain big hits on a modest budget. Luckily, they had the tech we needed to make it work. Operating off an in-process release and tradeshow opportunity, we were able to bring back 700,000 estimated views and placements in publications like Architect, Architosh, and Building Design + Construction.

While aimed at construction companies, Visual Vocal’s app carries the roots of world domination in its DNA. Imagine creating AR/VR from any smartphone and then sending it to anyone in the world in under 2 minutes. Or linking up for a live VR presentation with hundreds of people. Together, we’ve been laying the groundwork for a mainstream campaign to extend Visual Vocal’s presence past the trades, refining messaging, conducting research into nontraditional media, and lining up Fortune 500 clientele for future stories. You’ll be hearing from us soon.