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Broadcast / Product Launch / VR/AR

In PR, you always love working with a first, especially when it’s related to a buzzing topic like VR. In this case, 360 Designs – half VR production studio, half product company – had designed the world’s first 6K broadcast-ready VR drone, and they wanted to launch it at NAB. Working with their founder, we created a PR campaign that reached over 71 million readers, with hits on major outlets like Digital Trends, Road to VR, and all the major drone sites.

The complexity of the tech – and its uniqueness within the market – meant that the news had to be simplified for mass appeal. Whittling it down to a first, an achievement (6K), two trending topics (VR + drones), and a market (broadcast) all in one headline made it targeted and easy to understand. Interestingly enough, people started going crazy over another element – the $75K price tag – which we used as a hook during follow-ups.